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Do you think it's possible to like someone you've never met?



You're highly attractive


I’m sure you are more attractive

How do you find being a boy?


100% normal seen as though I’ve never been a girl

I miss you James <3


I probably miss you too


 I got tickets to see the Little Comets for the third time, at the cockpit (Leeds). I did the usual searching instagram and liking people’s photos of their tickets in a bid to make friends with some people beforehand, along with learning all of the lyrics to all of the songs (along with the support band, Catfish and the Bottlemen). I was really excited to see the bands, make new friends and enjoy myself. I decided to borrow some ID from a guy that I met at a different gig on Sunday (I look nothing like him but hey, worth a shot). I also had a hipflask which I got my friend to fill up for me, just incase the ID didn’t work.

 Anyway, the night…

My friend and I got the train to Leeds and, as we were a bit early, we went to an off license and got some beers (wahey, the ID worked). Once we got into the queue we made some friends with some pretty cool guys behind us (Ben and Cronan). Once we were inside, we immediately started to make some new friends – great! Got a few more drinks – ID still working.

 A guy who is friends with one of my friends who was there (Beth), asked if I could buy him a drink “Sure why not”… apparently this was not the best answer. Within about 5 minutes of buying it for him, a bouncer started walking towards us “oops”. So this guy gave his drink to by friend (Beth). The bouncer asked to see our over 18s stamps – she didn’t have one, so the conclusion was arrived at that I had been buying U18s alcohol, resulting in Beth and I being told to leave, oh dear.

 Beth and I then tried pleading with the bouncers on the door, obviously to no effect. …time for a cigarette… then both of our friends (Ben and Luka) came out (without being allowed to be let back in)…thanks for being best friends!

 We wandered around the back, and who did we bump into other than Catfish and the Bottlemen!? 

 You guys were awesome, especially Larry (the roadie) and Van, the guitarist (above). They couldn’t get us back in though, however they did give me their setlist!

We proceeded to plead with the bouncer on the door (Sammy), obviously to no avail, he was cool though, nice guy. We were getting fed up though, we couldn’t see the band who we’d come to listen to. Who then stepped outside through the door we were at, to get to the stage. They didn’t have time to talk or anything because they were supposed to be on stage. It was cool though!

It was decided (with the help of Larry and Sammy) that we should “make a night of it” – we went to an off license and bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of amaretto. We opened the amaretto and proceeded back to the cockpit. I realised that the wine was a cork top, not a screw top…oops! In an attempt to open it, I hit the top against the wall (what I expected to happen, rather than the whole bottle smash open and spill all over me, I don’t know).

Still pretty annoyed at the fact we couldn’t listen to them, we went to see whether the door was by any miracle still open…it was! We managed to creep up onto the back of the stage where we watched most of the rest of the set (until someone realised and came around the back and told us to get out).


That’s about it, thank you Little Comets and Catfish and the Bottlemen and everyone else for such an awesome night!